Our Sense of Humor

Our CEO recently got one of those scam emails where the person was looking for help transferring a large amount of money to the states, so he decided to play along and have a little fun.  The following exchange of emails are hilarious!  Here’s the 1st email:

Jerry’s 1st reply:

And the scam proceeds!

She also included a picture of herself.

Jerry Replies back, but instead of sending his picture, he decides to send his buddy Bill’s picture just in case any international hitman comes looking for him:

The following three emails arrive from our scammer:


















Jerry’s next reply:

This is sounding too good to be true!





She even sends Jerry a fake bank deposit slip of some sort!

Since Diane asked Jerry about business opportunities, Jerry decides to get really creative with his next reply:

Diane now wants to keep this scam looking legit, so she brings her attorney into the picture.  Granted Diane is probably the junior scam artist and her lawyer is the more seasoned veteran who looks for Diane to provide the poor hapless saps like Jerry.

Jerry plays along and e-mails the Attorney:

The attorney replies to Jerry:

Jerry replies to the attorney with the following email and provides proof of identity with his Epic ski pass.:











Meanwhile, Diane continues to lure Jerry in with another email:

Jerry replies to Diane’s email with the following:
















Jerry also includes a picture of the submarine:

Now the attorney replies to Jerry with the following















Here is the form he wants Jerry to fill out:

Now Jerry decides to have a little fun with the attorney:

The Attorney is getting upset:

Jerry decides to start referring to the attorney as “Benji.”














He includes a picture of Ivan, the owner of the submarine:

Jerry also sends Diane the following email:

Diane Replies with the following and finally admits she likes the illegal immigrant deal:

Here are Jerry’s next two emails to Diane:

Oh No, the submarine deal goes bad!

Meanwhile, Benji springs his scam:

Jerry replies with the following:

Having not heard from Benji in a while, Jerry sends the following e-mail, but he did not really send money:

Diane now decides she wants her piece of the scam:

Jerry now tries to make it appear that Benji has been paid:

Diane replies and is now under the impression Benji has taken his part of the scam money, but she now wants hers:

The following exchange takes place between Jerry and Diane:

Jerry tries to reverse the scam to see if he can get them to wire him money:

It’s obvious by this email, Diane and the lawyer are probably accusing one another of holding out on the other:

Jerry’s reply:

Jerry also sends a phoney picture of payment by Western Union:

Her reply:

Once again, Jerry tries to scam the scammer:

After not hearing from Diane for a few days, Jerry sends the following email:

Diane replies with the following:

Jerry Replies with the following:

Diane replies with the following:

Jerry replies with a picture of his lion:

Diane sends the following with a picture of her lioness:

Jerry responds with the following:

Jerry then updates the auto responder on his email account since he went to Australia for vacation:

Jerry gets the following and replies appropriately:

Jerry and Diane engage in a few more emails:

At this point, Jerry is no longer amused and sends his last message:

Here is a picture of Diane’s tee-shirt:

Jerry gets one final reply from Diane that was cut and pasted from his original message:

The End!